Happy First Day of Summer!


If you live in Florida than you have been feeling the summer heat for quite some time. Have you been going to the beach, pool, or on the lake? If you have then we highly suggest wearing sunscreen. The damages from the sun can be very dangerous, especially if not treated in a timely fashion. I hear you saying to yourself right now, but I want to be tan! Trust me, we all do. Although baking in the sun is not the way to do it. There are much safer alternatives that will give you that same healthy glow.

Here at Brushed Artistry, we specialize in natural, even, and evenly fading Spray Tans. We also have body contouring available to take your tan to the next level. With body contouring, you can not only give the appearance of a skinnier more flattering figure, but you can also accentuate muscles to make all that working out that you do even more noticeable. Can the sun do that? I didn’t think so. Take the healthy alternative way to get a tan, and save the skin you are in this summer! Your skin will thank you! Your golden summer tan is just a call away at 321-276-0863 for more info. We look forward to giving you the summer glow, that usually takes all summer to achieve!

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