A Sunless Tan Summer

You think summer, and you think TAN. Tan skin, lightened hair, beach days, bikinis, and boats. Especially living in Florida, I have always loved to get my tan on, but this summer I did it a little bit differently. I hit the beach already looking amazing, and tan.


I applied sunscreen as recommended (Oil-free SPF 30) PROTECTING instead of DAMAGING my skin. Skin damage these days is no joke, some sun is good – yes. Vitamin D is great, but prolonged exposure especially burning causes skin damage and premature aging. How did I do this? How could I have an amazing tan while protecting my skin that still looks natural? Glowing Skin Sunless Tanning Solution, it changed my summer.


I have years of sunless tanning experience and have worked with many solutions. Although I never liked using those solutions on myself. I never liked the color they made me, they did not last, and when it faded I was the one looking like a fish (scaly uneven spots). Thanks to Brushed Artistry I spray tan all the time now (Thank you, Robin, you’re amazing)! It was SO nice being able to explore the Outer Banks without having to worry about laying out, turning over, etc. in order to get the color I wanted. I had it before I even left my house!


I challenge you all to try doing the same. Protect the skin you’re in, and book an appointment with Brushed Artistry. Call (321)276-0863  or visit www.brushedartistry.com to make an appointment today!


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