Spray Tan Tips for Spray Tan Nightmares


Have you ever got a bad spray tan? I think we all have, and we all know how incredibly difficult it is to GET IT OFF! Hopefully, from now on you have started using Brushed Artistry Mobile Tanning for your tanning services, or a sunless partner but just in case here are some tips on how to remove a bad Spray Tan!

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How to remove spray tan from your BODY

Use a Magic Eraser! This removes your unwanted spray tan fast, and easy!

Put on baby or mineral and allow it to sit for 3o minutes, next take a bath and exfoliate your body (not recommended for skin that is sensitive to breakouts)

Lemon! Use a cut lemon to rub the juice on the unwanted spray tan. If you want to get really fancy add a little bit of sugar for a DIY scrub.

In the shower use baking area focusing on only one area on a time, and rub it into your skin with a washcloth (gently) DO NOT use this on your face there are special instructions for your face at the end of this section 🙂

Household White Vinegar! Apply using cotton pads and after a few minutes wipe it off with a damp cloth.

 For your FACE!

Exfoliate your face with a product made for the facial region. Then gently rub your face using a cotton ball all over. A product with salicylic acid works best. As a last resort don’t forget MAKEUP! It can do wonders, trust me.

Special tip for your fingernails and toenails…

If the spray tan has such into your cuticles, making them gross…and well orange looking its OK we have a solution to your dilemma. Soak your fingertips in POLIDENT or any generic DENTURE CLEANER (Can be found at most drug stores)

I hope this tips help! Nobody likes a bad spray tan. Use Brushed Artistry Mobile Spray Tanning 🙂 If anyone has any questions, comments, results, or any other ideas feel free to share in the comments.

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Why TANNNING and FITNESS go hand in hand

Who has time to lay out in the sun when you’re getting busy in the gym? Even if you did, to avoid the harmful effect of UV Rays a spray tan is a fitness lovers best friend. Not only does a tan give you a leaner, slimming look, but it also helps to define certain muscles, and give you an even overall look. Not only that, but you just look better! You can achieve a natural, dark bronze tan with Brushed Artistry solutions.

For competitions, we have our amazing PRO GLOW Solution by Brushed Artistry that is 13.5% DHA and 5X Bronzers. This solution gives you a flawless look on stage under the lights. For these competitions you need to be REALLY dark, this will achieve that look. We also offer the body contouring as well to make your muscles look even more defined.

If you are in the Orlando area for the fitness competition this weekend The Europa Games 2014 be sure to inquire with us about your tans. WE COME TO YOU!

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