What is this Contouring thing everyone has been raving about?

Brushed Artistry now offers Contouring as an add on to your Spray Tan. Contouring uses a darker color to create a shadow and bring out certain features.

This is how it works: Before your overall spray, I use a paintbrush to contour certain areas of your body with the solution. These parts include muscles, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, calves, and any other areas that can be accentuated. Then I spray the solution on top of the areas I used the paintbrush on like a regular spray tan. Contouring can help to give you a leaner appearance, and a more defined figure. It is great for photo shoots, and special events. Image

One thing that is misunderstood about contouring is that it can make you appear to have certain muscles that are not already there. It is possible, but it will not look natural. We work with your body shape, muscles, and figure to accentuate any areas we can. It really is awesome! Ask about it when scheduling your next appointment and take that glow to the next level ūüôā

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SECRETS to a LONG LASTING, flawless Spray Tan from Brushed Artistry

Spray tans can sound a little complicated at first, and if you have never gotten one before it can be quite the process. With these tips, you will be sure to be a pro after your very first time! The preparation of a spray tan starts 24-48 hours before you have scheduled your spray. During this time it is recommended that you do these things…

1. Exfoliate your skin

2. Shave or do any waxing that is needed (If waxing try to do closer to 48 hours before)

3. Schedule manicures and pedicures prior to your Sunless Tan to avoid exfoliation and fading of your sunless color.

Before you get your spray tan, make sure that you do NOT have any oil, lotions or deodorant on our skin. You want your skin to be as clean, and soft as possible.

After you get your spray tanned,  stay as far away from water as possible. For the next 8 hours, water is your worst enemy. After 8 hours you can wash off in the shower, and can then proceed to do anything you would do with a normal tan.

TAN TIP: In the shower avoid loofas and washcloths. Just gently rinse yourself and wash gently with your hands. Do not use any of the body washes with high alcohol or mineral oil content. Pat dry with a towel and do NOT rub your skin.

*Now onto how to maintain that tan, and keep your new glow as long as possible.

1. Moisturize daily, keep your skin as soon and soft as possible. Do not use a moisturizer with high alcohol or mineral oil content.

2. DO NOT plan any activities that will cause you to get wet, sweat, or cause your clothing to rub against your skin for at least 4 hours (preferably 8 hours).

3. DO NOT bathe or swim for at least 8 hours after your Sunless Tan.  It is preferable to wait 16 hours before using soap.  Use an only mild body wash, like After Glow Body Wash, which is specifically designed not to strip away sunless color like the average drug store body washes.

4. DO NOT use oil-based products,  Dove brand soaps, harsh bar soaps, prescription anti-acne or anti-wrinkle medication or face wash prior to or after your Sunless Tan.

5. DO NOT apply lotion for 8-12 hours after your Sunless Tan

Follow these steps and you will be a pro in no time. Feel free to leave any questions or comments you have below. Stay bronze!

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My number one favorite beauty product ; Glow on the go Self Tanning Spray by Brushed Artistry


If there is one thing that I feel every girl (or guy) should have on hand, it is Glow on the go Self Tanning Spray. This is the best Spray on tanning product I have ever used, and trust me I have tried quite a few. Usually, these kinds of things would leave you with an orange tint, and a big mess. NOT THIS ONE! It is AMAZING, and even smells great!

I was the guest at a bridal shower today, and of course, I was pale as a ghost. You would think a spray tan artist would be, I don’t know… tan! Well in a panic I reached for our Self Tanning Spray, I used it all over my arms, chest, and face (thanks to the maxi dress for hiding my legs!). Instantly I had color! Beautiful color that got many compliments.

Not only can our Self Tanning Spray be good for emergency situations, but it is also great for touch-ups after a spray tan, or to use on your face! I use mine on my face all the time, It has become a part of my beauty routine. You can’t beat the price of $30, and it lasts a really long time! Try it today! (321)276-0863