Don’t mess up that Spray Tan!

The first few hours after getting a spray time is the time to be most careful. With our Brushed Artistry Solution that does not mean take a seat, and not move an inch of your body. There are just a few things you can avoid to make sure that your spray develops flawlessly.

ALWAYS WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING AFTER TAN: Avoid clothing that is tight, and can cause friction against your body. I advise to not wear a bra for at least 2 hours. Pajama Pants, oversized t-shirts, and robes are great for after your tan!

STAY AWAY FROM ANIMALS WHO LICK: Yes kisses from fluffy are your favorite, but now is not the time. To avoid this issue just throw on some loose pajama pants, and an oversized t-shirt.

DON’T CUT ONIONS (Don’t Cry, so don’t watch Titanic): The tears from cutting the onion could steak down your face leaving a noticeable line. Just have someone else do this task for you.

AVOID DISHES, LAUNDRY AND ALL WATER: Water is not your friend after a spray tan. Stay away from any kind of water for at least 8 hours. Water and fresh spray tans are not a good mix.

DO NOT SWEAT: Do all working out, and activities that would cause you to sweat BEFORE your spray.

PAT DRY ATFER SHOWER: Do not EVER rub dry, ALWAYS pat your body gently to dry off after showering

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What is Mobile Spray Tanning?

The idea sounds so foreign to some, and as an independent spray tan artist myself I get these questions all the time. “What is mobile spray tanning? How does it work? Will my house get messy? etc.” Companies have been offering mobile services for years, and you used to only be able to get this kind of at home service in big cities like LA, and NYC. This is the same thing the celebrities use! Mobile Tanning gives you the ability to get an amazing spray right in the comfort of your own home. So let me give you an inside look at how this whole process works.

Here at Brushed Artistry, we provide you with the most professional, safe, and easy experience. You will never even know we were there, the only thing we will leave you with is a natural glowing tan unlike any other. We bring absolutely everything, the only thing you have to do is be there!

Thanks to our Tanning Tent, and extraction fan we can set up literally anywhere. In your home, your office, workplace, hotel, you name it and we can make it work. We also are able to accept credit cards on the go so no need to worry if you don’t have cash on you.

The great advantage to Mobile tanning is that since we come to you, after your tan you can relax! No worries about having to walk to your car, driving home, or staying out of the weather (it is Florida, as we all know it could start raining at any time!) So if you have not yet, try Brushed Artistry for all your spray tanning needs, your never fully dressed without a spray tan!

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Tanning Tips by Brushed Artistry

Each week we will be posting Tanning Tips! These are tips that will help your spray tan last as long, and look as great as possible. If you have any tanning tips that you would like to share feel free to e-mail us at


After getting a spray tan, be sure to avoid products containing a high percentage of Alcohol or Mineral oil. These ingredients will strip your tan causing it to fade quicker! It is important to invest in products that are spray tan friendly. Brushed Artistry not only recommends a moisturizer and a body wash, but also a tan extender and a tan can (great for touching up your face or faster fading areas between sprays!). These products are made especially to go hand and hand with our solution resulting in a long-lasting, evenly faded tan.

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Congratulations to the new Miss Orlando 2014 Christina!

Congratulations to the new Miss Orlando 2014 Christina!

Christina rocked the stage at the Miss Orlando competition, and took home the crown! She looked incredible with her tan by Brushed artistry. Way to go Christina! We are proud to sponsor your journey!

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Welcome to Brushed Artistry’s new blog!

Brushed Artistry is an elite Spray Tanning company in Orlando, Florida. We are excited to introduce this new blog where we will be offering weekly tanning tips, answering questions, keeping you up to date in all the new tanning news, and much much more! If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail

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